Wednesday, September 30, 2015

OER Project – Peggy O’Sullivan, Instructor

OER Project – Peggy O’Sullivan, Instructor

What steps does one take to produce an OER textbook?
1.         Roundup resources
2.         Review resources
3.         Assemble resources into book form
4.         Review book
5.         Start teaching – by now, it’s time for a new term and teaching to begin

            My team and I have been working to produce a microbiology textbook for use at Medicine Hat College for the Alberta Open Educational Resources Initiative. 

            Over the summer library technician Denise Holt and I were very busy searching OER biology and microbiology sites to find microbiology material suitable for my on-line microbiology text.  While there is a lot of OER information available online, many of the sites containing microbiology information are not covered under a Creative Commons copyright license, have unclear copyright statements and/or require permission to use their content.  This greatly limited the amount of information available that we could use to produce the microbiology textbook and slowed down our research in the beginning.  With copyright officer Chelsey Reid checking copyright licensing on material we did access, the project was well underway and took most of July and August to assemble material. Denise and I persisted in gathering as much relevant microbiology material as we could and I reviewed and organized the material into chapters to include in the textbook.  We are now more than halfway through the project and are in the process of getting the material formatted into electronic book form by Andrea Woods. 
As we proceed with the project, things are falling into place and I look forward to my students using the free OER microbiology textbook in the Microbiology course I teach in January 2016.

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