Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Library User of the Month - October 2015

Dragana Vukovic

Bachelor of Business Administration
Rattlers Basketball

“Libraries have been my favorite study place since I was a kid. I have three brothers who are not very interested in school, so at a very young age, I discovered the beauty of libraries peace and quiet. Vera Bracken Library, I have learned very quickly, offers you way more than peace and quiet.
It is a perfect place to study in a group, work on a team project, or hammer your readings in a “quiet” room. There is always someone to ask for help and all the resources you need are just a few steps away. There are, as well, perfect corners to sit back, relax, and clear your mind, or choose a good book and get lost for a while. With my busy schedule, doing school and playing basketball, the library is my second home and 90% of my school work gets done there.”

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