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Looking for a Career?

Looking for your career? 

The library can help. Check out our great resources. 

201 Careers in Nursing

Few professions have evolved as much as nursing has, or offer as much variety, opportunity for growth, and potential for great personal and professional satisfaction.201 Careers in Nursing, the new edition significantly expanding, updating and revising101 Careers in Nursing, is your guide to careers in nursing practice, education, research, and so much more.
Comprehensive in scope and for nurses at all levels, each career description includes educational requirements, core competencies, and required skills. Interviews with nurses working in a variety of roles and settings bring to life the breadth of opportunities available to nurses today. Important tips within the book will help when making your career choices, along with compensation range per degree, certification requirements, and earning potential for each career.201 Careers in Nursingis an essential resource for nurses entering the profession, nurses considering a career change, and counselors facilitating career choices.

101 Careers in Counseling

This comprehensive and easy-to-use guide is an invaluable resource to help you choose a rewarding counseling career that best suits your interests, strengths, and personality. Exploring a wealth of career opportunities in both traditional and non-traditional settings, including the most exciting emerging fields, this useful reference describes the many benefits found in the work of a professional counselor. Each career listing includes an overview, salary range, employment prospects, best and most challenging aspects of the job, and educational and licensing requirements. In addition, the book helps guide you through financing your education and the job search process. As a special feature, chapters include profiles of actual counselors and their work, providing an insightful insider's perspective on their profession.

Green Careers: Choosing Work for a Sustainable Future

People of all ages and backgrounds are seeking work in career fields that will help save the planet, yet many people are unaware of the variety of green careers available. This unique career guidance book, based on labor market research, covers green jobs representing almost every area of career interest.
The authors' extensive experience in career and workforce development will help you explore tomorrow's green career options. Answer such questions as: What green careers are available? What salary can I expect? What education do I need? What is the demand for this type of job? How do I change to a green career?
Green Careers offers clear and concise information about the emerging field of green and environmental jobs. Chapters include:
  • Industry-by-industry overview of green jobs
  • Profiles of 90 different occupations in 12 different career groups
  • Over 65 case studies and interviews of people working in green jobs
  • Career planning information and job search resources

Connecting Students to STEM Careers: Social Networking Strategies

Many jobs of the future will involve science, technology, engineering, and math, but how can we expect our students to go into careers as mechanical engineers, environmental scientists, or computer programmers when they’ve never met the people who have these jobs? Students might not even realize that they have career options in STEM fields. Introduce your students to the numerous STEM careers available by connecting them to actual STEM professionals who can act as role models and career mentors, showing students how their school work applies to the world and their future job opportunities.Discover how to make these connections using technology such as videoconferencing and web 2.0 tools. In Connecting Students to STEM, author Camille Cole shows you ways to find STEM professionals around the world who are willing to interact with your students. She explains how to set up programs that give students the opportunity to engage in real-world learning experiences and how to tap into current programs. Through this authentic engagement your students will find their STEM education to be more rewarding and relevant to their lives, leading many to develop an interest in STEM careers.

Careers in Sport, Fitness and Exercise

Careers in Sport, Fitness, and Exercise is your guide to landing your dream job in one of today’s most exciting, popular, and fastest-growing industries!
Produced by the American Kinesiology Association, this hands-on guide includes detailed job descriptions, information on working conditions, salary ranges, responsibilities, key skills, and required certifications for 36 careers in sport and fitness.

Careers in Focus: Clerks and Administrative Workers

Careers in Focus: Clerks and Administrative Workers, Second Edition explores 20 careers in this in-demand field. New and updated job profiles include:-Billing clerks -Bookkeeping and accounting clerks -Collection workers -Hotel desk clerks -Insurance policy processing workers -Legal secretaries -Library technicians -Medical transcriptionists -Office clerks -Railroad clerks -Receptionists -Statistical clerks -Typists and word processors -and more.

Law and Ethics for Medical Careers

Law and Ethics for Medical Careers, Fifth Edition, provides an overview of the laws and ethics you should know to help you give competent, compassionate care to patients that is within acceptable legal and ethical boundaries. The text can also serve as a guide to help you resolve the many legal and ethical questions you may reasonably expect to face as a student and, later, as a health care practitioner. The text features pertinent legal cases, anecdotes, and sidebars related to health-related careers. Content has been updated and special attention has been paid to legislation affecting health care.

Top 100 Careers Without a Four-Year Degree : Your Complete Guidebook to Good Jobs in Many Fields

Many jobs that do not require a four-year degree need workers and are growing quickly. This completely updated edition of Top 100 Careers Without a Four-Year Degree identifies which of these jobs are most promising and offers extensive information about them.
With this comprehensive resource job seekers, students, career changers, and anyone else doing occupational research will: explore 100 careers that don't need a bachelor's degree; assess which of these careers match their skills; and learn how to get a job quickly. This book provides current, interesting job descriptions that include information about each job's pay, outlook, education requirements, skills needed, and much more.
A special book-within-a-book section describes the seven steps that cut job search time in half, and includes sample resumes crafted by professional resume writers. In addition, an easy-to-use assessment matches readers' personal skills with the characteristics of the jobs described in the book.

Careers in Law, Criminal Justice & Emergency Services

Written for high school and undergraduate students, this series will help students explore their futures, and set goals in these exciting fields. This title examines 20 occupations in law and criminology. Careers covered in the text include Courts & Court Administration Judge & Attorney Law Enforcement & Investigation Corporate Security Computer Security Corrections Chapters provide an inside-look at the career options within a particular profession, including: Overview: Sphere of Work A Day in the Life Work Environment: Physical, Human, Technological Education & Training: Schooling, Licensing, Adult Job Seekers Earnings & Advancement Areas with the Highest Employment Levels Employment Outlook Associations & Business Contacts to Jumpstart Networking Plusa Famous Firsts, Occupation Specialties, Skills & Abilities, Fun Facts Conversations with Real Professionals, including What I Wish I Had Known.

Fashion Design Careers Do You Have What It Takes? (Film)

It’s one thing to launch a career on a reality TV show and quite another to become a successful designer through talent and tenacity alone. This video follows eight up-and-coming fashion designers as they discuss the skills and characteristics needed to make it in the fashion industry. Candid interviews with young designers tackle questions about careers in fashion, including: What personality traits do you need to have? Where do designers get ideas? What are the tough realities of being a fashion designer? What successes has each guest designer achieved? Why do they love doing what they do? An indispensable guide for viewers who dream of breaking into one of the most demanding and exclusive industries in the arts. A viewable/printable worksheet is available online.

Addiction and the Making of Professional Careers

The misuse of drugs continues to cause suffering and worldwide economic turmoil. In response to these problems, many have devoted their lives to preventing the misuse of mind-altering substances. Addiction and the Making of Professional Careers focuses on the need for enhanced understanding of professional careers in the addiction field. The spectrum of professionals involved is wide and includes treatment personnel of every kind.

Some of the questions examined here include: Why do some people decide to dedicate their lives to responding to drug problems? How do and should we select, train, mentor, support, inspire, and nurture the young career aspirant? What makes for the most effective use of talent? Is every personal case different or can general conclusions be reached?

After a foreword by William Miller and an introduction by Griffith Edwards, the book includes interviews with Joseph Brady, Louis Harris, Conan Kornetsky, and Robert DuPont, all of whom were pioneers in the behavioral pharmacological analysis of addiction. Commentary chapters are written by Kerstin Stenius, Ilana Crome, Peter Anderson, and Jonathan Chick.

Working World : Careers in International Education, Exchange, and Development

Now available in a new second edition, Working World: Careers in International Education, Exchange, and Development offers an engaging guide for cause-oriented people dedicated to begin or enhance careers in the now burgeoning fields of international affairs. Mueller and Overmann expand their original dialogue between a career veteran and a young professional to address issues that recognize the meteoric rise of social media and dramatic geopolitical events. They explore how the idea of an international career has shifted: nearly every industry taking on more and more international dimensions, while international skills -- linguistic ability, intercultural management and sensitivity -- become ever more highly prized by potential employers. 

This second edition of Working World offers ten new and four significantly updated profiles as well as new and expanded concepts that include: work-life balance; the importance of informational interviews; moving on; and key building blocks for international careers.Like the award-winning first edition, Working World is a rare and valuable resource to students and graduates interested in careers in international affairs, mid-career professionals who want to make a career change or shift, as well as guidance counselors and career center specialists at universities.

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