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Faculty - We need your expertise!

Faculty - We need your expertise!
MHC Libraries Collections Maintenance Project

We have preliminarily identified (“flagged”) books in our collection to be discarded/removed. Before these books are reviewed by the librarians, we want your input. You can visit your subject area and review these flagged books. Tell us what should be kept or replaced.

What we need from you
1.       Come visit the library, grab some “save” stickers and review the “flagged” books in the collection.
2.       No time to review? Please contact Leigh Cunningham ( to make other arrangements.

Subject Areas for Review
A – General works (encyclopedias, dictionaries, yearbooks, almanacs)
B – Philosophy, Psychology, Religion (including aesthetics, ethics, etiquette, mythology, folklore, logic)
C – Sciences of History – Archaeology, History of Civilization, Genealogy
D – World History (excluding United States and Canada)

Deadline for Review: February 20, 2015

More information
MHC Libraries is systematically reviewing the physical book collection in the Vera Bracken Library. Collection Development is a process, and with finite space, we need to continually assess the collections to both add and discard (weed) material.

Our responsibility as a college library is to provide resources for use at the undergraduate and technical level while also providing material of general interest to promote lifelong learning.

Our first task is to identify low-use, damaged, and outdated material in the circulating book collection. Books that meet certain criteria are “flagged” with stickers for weeding consideration. Generally, this will include books that have been in the collection for 20+ years and have not been used in 10+ years.

We will regularly provide updates and ask faculty to assist in this important process. Faculty will be able to review items identified for weeding. It is useful to view flagged items in the context of the remaining collection; items will be left on the shelves with stickers on their spines. Any items that faculty deem essential to the library collection will be kept.

Who makes the final decisions?
All collections decisions are made by MHC librarians: Leigh Cunningham (Collections & Instruction Librarian), Joanne Mokry (Access & Technology Librarian), and Keith Walker (Director) in accordance with the Collection Development Policy.  We value input and subject expertise from faculty and staff.

What happens to the discarded books?
Discarded books are first made available to the college community. When appropriate, books are donated to the Medicine Hat Public Library book sale or recycled.

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