Tuesday, March 04, 2014

David Humphrey: March User of the Month

David Humphrey
Student - Business Administration Mount Royal University Degree

As I look back over the past 4 years, I can recall many of the highlights of my college career.

I earned a diploma in business administration, I got to be a part of MHC’s first Enactus club and I even got to meet Alberta’s education minister. But those, and many other accomplishments, pale in comparison to the pride I feel at having finally achieved my most sought-after and prestigious goal: the Medicine Hat College Library’s User of the Month.

Ever since I first came to MHC and saw the placards displaying the names of those dedicated individuals, I knew that my name would eventually be among them.  As I began utilizing the available services like such as the helpful folks at the information desk, the private study room and the comfy area in the back with the fireplace, I knew I had to be getting closer.

As Enactus MHC has grown we’ve needed meeting space and other resources to get organized. The computers and private study rooms are just some of the services that have helped us along the way.

As my Facebook status announcing my accomplishment stated: I couldn’t have got where I am today if not for the staff at the Medicine Hat College Library. Take THAT, grade four teacher! Looks like the trouble maker from the second row DID amount to something!

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