Thursday, October 31, 2013

October Book Review Winner: Daniel Schnee

Congratulations to Daniel Schnee - winner of our October book review contest!  Daniel's winning review of Stanislaw Lem's The Cyberiad is reproduced below.

Long before such television shows as The Big Bang Theory or Frasier made fun of intelligent people lacking wisdom there were many great literary satires of philosophical or scientific fanaticism, such as Stanislaw Lem’s The Cyberiad, a collection of funny short stories detailing the galactic misadventures of Trurl and Klapaucius: two brilliant engineers or “constructors” with an uncanny ability to not foresee the consequences of their work.  In Lem’s future world, the idea that science is the answer to everything is revealed to be more capable of creating a dystopia than Utopia, and the two constructors enthusiastically chase the dream of the perfect machine.  What are the results?  A device that can create anything starting with the letter N starts erasing all of reality in order to “create” Nothing, two opposing cybernetic armies end up dancing through the meadows together – holding hands and happily picking flowers, and a benign machine begins harming the galaxy with poems.  Trurl and Klapaucius travel the Universe ultimately doing more harm than good, and thus is the message of the book: the drive for perfection usually ends up achieving its opposite, no matter how clever humanity becomes.  But whether the stories are delightfully silly or poignantly profound, The Cyberiad is a brilliant and highly entertaining work of science fiction – instantly engaging, and worthy of being called a classic.

Refer a Friend for a Chance to Win a Nexus 7

The Shortgrass Library System will be giving away two Google Nexus 7 tablets during the following membership promotion and MHC students, staff, and faculty are eligible to participate!

Between November 1 and December 17, 2013, bring a friend to sign up for a library card at any Shortgrass member library and both your names will be entered into a draw for a tablet.

MHC students, staff, and faculty can also enter the draw at the Vera Bracken Library by bringing a fellow student, staff, or faculty member to the circulation desk to activate their free Shortgrass Library System membership.

Monday, October 28, 2013

Peter Bowser - Appreciation Week Winner

Congratulations to our Student Appreciation Week draw winner, Peter Bowser!  Peter won a fantastic gift basket!

You can look forward to more prize draws from Library Services when we participate in the Spring 2014 edition of Student Appreciation Week.

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Student Appreciation Week: Oct 22-24

It is Student Appreciation Week in the Vera Bracken Library!

From Tuesday, October 22nd to Thursday, October 24th, Library Services would like to extend its appreciation to our student population.

Some of the ways we would like to express our appreciation include:
  • Free photocopying on Oct 23 & 24
  • Prize draws on Oct 24
  • Free pens, pencils and treats at the library service desks

Friday, October 18, 2013

One Book One Community Events: November 1-2, 2013

The One Book One Community Committee is pleased to announce that the 2013 book selection is The Sisters Brothers by Patrick DeWitt. 

The 9th annual OBOC event will take place the evening of Friday November 1 at the Esplanade and continue on the morning of Saturday November 2 at Medicine Hat College.

Friday evening will include two presentations: Bullets and Banjos: The Story of Music in The 1850s with ethnomusicologist Dr. Daniel Schnee and Blood and Ink: Literary Violence and the Myths of the Canadian and American Wests, a discussion with the Esplanade’s Museum Curator, Dr. Robert Bruce Shepard. Also on display is the Esplanade Archives Vignette Exhibition: The Not So Wild West – Early Portraits (until January 10, 2014). A reception with themed refreshments will be provided. This event is free and open to the public. 

Saturday morning provides the “city-wide book club” experience with facilitated discussion about the book over coffee.

For more information about One Book One Community please contact Leigh Cunningham at 403-504-3564 or at or visit the website at

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Scanners in the Library

Need to scan a document but don't have access to a scanner?  MHC Library Services has you covered, with scanners available in both the Vera Bracken and Brooks Campus Libraries.

4 HP flatbed scanners are available in the Vera Bracken Library.  These scanners are ideal for scanning a small number of single page documents.  They can be found in the following locations:
  • 2 in the library classroom (Libinet-7 & Libinet-19)
  • 1 attached to the adaptable computer outside the library classroom
  • 1 attached to the Mac computer outside the library classroom

HP Scanner in the Library Classroom

There is also 1 Epson high-capacity scanner in the Vera Bracken Library, which is available in the bay of computers adjacent to the Information Desk.  This unit can rapidly scan up to 70 pages at one time and can also scan double-sided pages in a single pass.

Epson High-Capacity Scanner adjacent to Information Desk

At the Brooks Campus Library, there is 1 HP flatbed scanner at the Information Desk.

For more information and specific instructions on how to scan documents, visit the library's computers & software guide.

Wednesday, October 09, 2013

Cynthia Varga - Good Food Box Draw Winner

Congratulations to Cynthia Varga - winner of Library Services' Good Food Box draw!

Did you know that staff members at the Vera Bracken Library coordinate distribution of produce for the Medicine Hat Good Food Club?

Medicine Hat College students, staff, and faculty are eligible to join the Good Food Club program which allows members to purchase fresh fruits and vegetables at low prices through the power of bulk buying.

For more information about the Good Food Club program, click here.

Monday, October 07, 2013

Thanksgiving Weekend Closures

The Vera Bracken and Brooks Campus libraries will be closed on Monday, October 14th for Thanksgiving Day. 

The Brooks Campus Library will also be closed on Sunday, October 13th, while the Vera Bracken Library will still be open from 1pm - 8pm as usual on that day.

Male North American Turkey by Lupin
 For more information about hours of operation, click here

Thursday, October 03, 2013

Book Review Contest

Have you recently read a book that you just 'loved' or absolutely 'hated'?

Write a review and tell us all about it!  You could be the winner of a Bookstore gift certificate and have your review featured by the MHC Libraries!

"Sit and read" by Lusi

Stop by the library circulation desk to pick up your entry form and then submit your review to the dropbox for your chance to win! 

This contest runs from October 1st until November 30th and one submitted review from each month will be selected to win.

Wednesday, October 02, 2013

Whiteboard Walls in Group Study Rooms

Forget what your mother told you about writing on the wall!  Library Services has installed whiteboard wallpaper in all five group study rooms in the Vera Bracken Library.  Students, staff and faculty can now write on the south walls in each room using a dry-erase marker.  

Group study rooms can be reserved by filling out the appropriate sign-up sheet located outside each room in the Vera Bracken Library.

Tuesday, October 01, 2013

Lynnette Slack - October User of the Month

Lynnette Slack
Social Work Program, Second Year

I am honoured to be recognized as the Vera Bracken Library user of the month. I am a mature student who has come back to college after 20 years of being a stay at home parent. I would like to thank the library staff for being friendly and understanding as I am learning how to better use the library. As a second year Social Work student I am using this information in new ways with each assignment. I am teaching my children the importance of having an education and now I am showing them that it is never too late to start something new. I often bring my children to the library in the evening and we do our homework together.