Friday, December 21, 2012

Stephen Little - January User of the Month

Stephen Little
3rd Year BN/RN Student

Years ago I decided to leave the workforce and set a higher standard for myself and upgrade my high school sciences. The library became my new niche; I would strategically place myself in the cubbies along the west wall of the library, studying chemistry and physics.  The high ceilings and transom windows provided an uplifting atmosphere throughout my upgrading and UT science courses. Not only did the library provide an enriching learning environment, it also has sentimental value to me. I tutored a classmate (who I eventually married) in organic chemistry every week at the same table! 

However, it was not until I began the RN/BN program in 2010, that I fully realized and then utilized the services available at the library: I learned the APA style of writing scientific papers, accessed medical references available, and familiarized myself with the online databases. The Staff at the College library have always been extremely helpful with my numerous questions and accommodating with my requests for AV equipment, human anatomy models, and reservations of course material.  The Vera Bracken Library is a beautiful and valuable resource, and will always be central to my education now and in the future!

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