Monday, October 01, 2012

Top Hat Teen Reads

The Medicine Hat College Library invites all students to participate in a reading initiative this school year.

The Vera Bracken Library along with the Medicine Hat Public Library and together with Eagle Butte High School, Medicine Hat High School & Crescent Heights High School are working together on this project. The idea is simple enough. We want students to read more. To that end we've chosen a selection of books that cover a wide variety of things. We’d like you to read them over the year and then vote on your favourite at the end of the school year.

For education students this is an opportunity to see what your future students are reading. For everyone else the books are a nice diversion from your regular intense readings. We know how busy college can be, but reading is a great change of pace to our hectic lives.

Some books you’ll be inclined to read. Some you won’t, but we’d like you to try something new. We’ve planned events and prizes for those who participate. Details, updates and everything you need to know can be found on our blog – or just drop by and visit us in the library.

So come check us out. Read something new. Yolo.

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