Thursday, August 30, 2012

Dr. Nancy Brown - September User of the Month

Dr. Nancy Brown
Faculty Member, UT-Science

“I am a faculty member in the UT-Science program and my classes include genetics, cell biology, biochemistry and immunology. You can often find me nestled in one of the library’s comfy chairs doing some reading as I love to be surrounded by books. 

This past winter semester, all my Biology 331 students participated in a post-project interview. The library was the perfect back-drop for the students to talk about their project experience as the library and its resources were the foundation of the project. These video-taped interviews became part of an international conference presentation in the spring. 

For me, the library is the place to go to for answers! Some days I find the answer in a book. Some days I find the answer in a video for my class. And many days the incredible library staff has the answer I am looking for.”

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