Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Library User of the Month - March 2012

Veerpaul Bhullar
Business Administration (Accounting)

“I am currently in my first year of Business Administration with Accounting as my major. After the completion of my course, I am planning on furthering my education to obtain my CGA. Apart from my studies, I am currently volunteering for the Student Ambassador Program.

Regarding any library, one may think of it as a place meant just for studies and without any excitement or fun. But for me as an international student from India, the Vera Bracken Library in our college is just like a home for me where I relax, enjoy a cup of coffee, spend time doing assignments, solving problems, making new friends and feeling at home. The staff in the library is really helpful and cooperative towards students. I learnt a lot from them and get solutions to many of my problems there.

The environment as well as the deliberate layout of the library is very positive and inviting. I feel great to be selected as the library user of the month and want to express my gratitude towards the library staff for their endless efforts in creating and maintaining a positive learning atmosphere for all the students.”


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Awesome Veer! By the way, make sure you add that you are a student ambassador on your resume!That is awesome!