Monday, October 31, 2011

Library User of the Month - November 2011

Ramotu Jimoh, Communication Studies, Athabasca University

I am in my fourth year of the Bachelors of Art Degree, Communication Studies, through Athabasca University. There is no doubt that without the help of the staff of the Vera Bracken Library I would not have been able to complete my assignments especially in the area of materials, references and citations for the assignments. They never let me feel different although I am an African Canadian. The library feels like my second home especially because I have kids and I need a quiet place to study, so the library is a perfect choice for me. My favourite area in the library is the Quiet Study Room and Computer Lab.

I would like to thank the entire staff of Vera Bracken library especially the ones who are at the Information Desk for their patience, kindness and their wilingness to help me at anytime the library is open with their great smiles.

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