Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Library User of the Month - October 2011

Travis Beck
Business Student, Accounting
Having been a student, as well as an employee, and most recently, a student again, I have spent many hours within the library walls. Whether it be just another late night doing homework, checking out a book, or simply just stopping by to talk to the librarians, the library has become much like a second home for me. In fact, I think there are even some people who would consider it to be my first. After many nights having been kicked out by the flashing light just before closing time, I have gotten to know this place very well. With librarians who are never shy to lend a helping hand, which is always welcome with the increasing demands for APA writing, the library has become not only a place for learning, but also a place to find a friend. Even greater than the many resources offered by the library, are the great people here who really make this facility into what it has become. Thank you to everyone here as I am honored to be the 2011, October Library User of the Month.

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