Tuesday, August 23, 2011

New Networked Colour Printer Now Available

In the past, we handled colour printing jobs manually by the Information Desk staff in the library – meaning students had to bring their files to the staff; staff printed the document and handed it back to students, with cash involved. It is not the case anymore! Library Services just added a networked colour printer that student can manage all their printing jobs, either black/white or colour, straight from the desktop that he/she is working on and from one consolidated printing account.

The newly added colour printer and the existing black/white printer are located side by side right outside the library computer lab. The charges for the printings are as follows:

  • Black/White: 5 cents per page
  • Colour: 50 cents per page

(Figure 1: Image of the printers, click to enlarge)

Make sure to select the right printer for your job as it determines the charges that are put through your printing account.

(Figure 2: Printer selection window, click to enlarge)

It is always a good idea to check the balance and how much the printing is going to cost before sending your job. Here is the last dialog window you will see during the process that shows the information (in this case, we don’t have enough balance in the printing account therefore the printing job will never reach the printer! – time to talk to our circulation desk staff to add some more money!)

(Figure 3: Balance information dialog window, click to enlarge)

Hope you enjoy the service and find it convenient and efficient! If you have any comments, concerns, or questions, please contact Library Services via email, instant messenger, text message (403.866.5872), telephone (403.504.3544), or in person.

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