Tuesday, August 02, 2011

Save Your Borrowing History!

By default, Library Services does not track your borrowing history (i.e., once returned, we do not know what books, periodicals, videos, etc. you borrowed).

If you want to track your personal borrowing history, you need to log-in to your library account and opt in to that feature. Library Services staff do not have access to your borrowing history if you elect to track it—assuring your privacy.

To opt in, follow these directions:

STEP 1: Log in to your library account (see Figure 1). You can log-in from the Library Services homepage or the online catalogue.

Figure 1. Library account log-in page (click to enlarge).
STEP 2: Select "Reading History" from the left-hand column (see Figure 2).
Figure 2. Select "Reading History"
(click to enlarge).
STEP 3: Select the "Opt In" button. It will then switch to "Opt Out" (see Figure 3). NOTE: Your record will start to build/retain your checkout history when you next borrow an item.

Figure 3. Opting in (click to enlarge).

When you next log-in to your library account and select the "Reading History" option, your borrowing history will be displayed (see Figure 4). NOTE: You can opt out to stop the tracking history or delete selected records.
Figure 4. Borrowing history display (click to enlarge).

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