Friday, July 01, 2011

Library User of the Month - July 2011

Erin Rothwell
Student Recruiter, Student Services

I really love the Vera Bracken Library. It is one of my favourite places on campus and I enjoy taking out reading materials (so much that I have difficulty returning them on time) for personal enjoyment and to enhance what I am doing in my work. As a student recruiter, I enjoy bringing students to the library because I believe it is one of the nicest physical spaces on campus in terms of its large windows, natural light, and beautiful view of greenery and animals; it provides a welcome retreat for students to study, visit with friends and even just relax. Prospective students are often visibly awed by the facilities, and, because of the comfortable, accessible environment, can often envision themselves in this space. The VBL demonstrates some of Medicine Hat College’s best attributes in terms of being friendly, open and accessible to students, staff and community members; the staff is always extremely willing to facilitate events, tours, library cards and ID cards for new students. The library’s unique array of services enhances the college experience for students and staff members. I have recently joined the Good Food Club facilitated through the library and enjoy the monthly assortment of fresh fruit and vegetables this membership provides. The library has also came in handy once or twice with our Student for a Day groups in initiating an icebreaker among particularly shy groups of students—let’s text the library a question and find out who has the best/closest answer! As a word of advice, asking students what year Bryan Adams was born is a great way to open up communication with a group of previously unacquainted students.

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