Monday, July 04, 2011

Kobo eReader Touch Edition: More to Love About E-books

Library Services has added two new Kobo eReaders to its collection. These new e-book readers are the Kobo eReader Touch Edition model, which means you will no longer need to use the direction pad found on older models to "turn pages" like you did with our older Kobo eReaders.

Kobo eReader Touch Edition
The new readers each contain more than 50 popular titles, plus more than 100 popular public domain titles that will satisfy the interests of almost any patron. To view the availability and contents of each new reader, select either:
Regardless of which of the five Kobo eReaders you borrow from Library Services, all will feature Jessica Grant's Come Thou, Tortoise—Medicine Hat One Book One Community's 2011 book selection!

The new e-readers also feature better quality screens, faster response times, and less "page turning" screen flicker than previous versions. Like the previous versions, the new readers feature microSD card slots that allow our patrons to view their own compatible e-books and files on the devices. For complete technical specifications and information on compatible file types that can be viewed on the Kobo eReader Touch Edition, click here.

Patrons of the Vera Bracken Library can ask for an available device from the Circulation Desk, while Brooks patrons can  see the Services Desk at the Brooks Campus Library.

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