Saturday, April 30, 2011

Inventory 2011

Library Services staff have been taking inventory of the collections over the past week. The reason for doing this is to account for our resources and correct issues in records that might prevent our patrons from accessing the full set of resources available to them.

What do our collections look like in terms of numbers? The breakdowns are as follows:

  • 78,900 circulating books
  • 47,846 periodicals (549 titles)
  • 8,031 audiovisual items (CDs, DVDs, VHSs, etc.)
  • 3,516 reference materials (almanacs, dictionaries, encyclopedias, etc.)
  • 2,819 curriculum materials (to support Education Program students)
  • 720 paperbacks
  • 7,135 circulating books
  • 4,196 periodicals (46 titles)
  • 536 reference materials 
  • 334 audiovisual items
  • 171 paperbacks
Library Services is constantly expanding its collections and services to our patrons. You can review monthly lists of new resources in our "New Materials" lists and follow any of our social media sites (Blogger, Facebook, Flickr, and Twitter) to discover all things new in the libraries.

If you have questions about the collections (or anything else), you can submit an email to information services or contact us by telephone at 403.504.3544.

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