Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Stay United With Your Flash Drive!

Due to their small size, it is very easy to lose a flash drive. In some cases, it is the loss of the information that is more infuriating than the loss of the actual physical device.

Fortunately there are many Good Samaritans at Medicine Hat College and lost flash drives are regularly turned in to us. Library Services does try to reunite flash drives with their owners by identifying names in files and sending an email to * accounts.

Basic File Naming &
Contact Information
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Provide Contact Information

You can help us connect you to your lost drive by including a simple little text file (*.txt) that provides basic contact information. Your name and * should be sufficient information—never provide ID numbers or other confidential information.

Naming the Text File

When naming the text file with the contact information, give it an obvious/simple name. Some examples are: CONTACT INFORMATION, IF LOST CONTACT, OWNER INFO, etc.

If you think your flash drive was lost in any place other than the library, please check with the Information Technology Help Desk (B223) or the Security office (F128)—both desks have lost & founds as well.

Please note that in cases where ownership of a flash drive is not obvious (e.g., numerous names in files), we do not send an email, so please check with any of the aforementioned service desks for assistance. Additionally, we do not send emails to accounts other than *

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