Friday, March 11, 2011

Reporting Feature Films & Television Programs: What You Need to Know

Many thanks to those who have taken the time to fill out and submit the reporting forms when showing a feature film or using recorded television programs in their classroom thus far! Keep them coming!

The Medicine Hat College’s agreements on public performance of these types of materials stipulate that the college must record and report their usage. Reporting is simple, easy to do and it only takes a minute or two. Anyone using a video/DVD copy of a major motion picture or a videotape of a recorded television program (does not include use of television programs in commercially available prepackaged box sets or the like) can use the handy paper form that is distributed with the audiovisual equipment or visit the Faculty Service web page on the Library Services’ website and download the reporting form found there.

For further information concerning these licencing agreements as well as any other questions concerning copyright matters, please contact Jason MacDonald, Copyright Information Officer, in the Vera Bracken Library.

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