Thursday, January 13, 2011

Lost Your USB Drive? Check E-mail

The Vera Bracken Library not only houses an excellent collection of audiovisual media, books, periodicals, and more, but it is also home to a large collection of a discarded or lost USB flash drives.

Currently the library has more than 65 USB flash drives that are unclaimed. Library Services staff do make an effort to reconnect the owners with their drives though. More than 90% of the owners have been contacted via their student e-mail accounts, but the drives still go unclaimed. Drives that are not claimed prior to the start of the subsequent semester will be reformatted and distributed to students that will make use of them.

So please, check your official college e-mail and see if your lost USB drive is waiting for you at the Vera Bracken Library's Information Desk.

If you think that you lost your USB drive anywhere else on-campus, please see the Information Technology Help Desk (second floor of B-wing) or the Security Office (F-128).

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