Wednesday, January 05, 2011

E-mail Information Services: Farewell AAQ, Hello to Us

After successfully participating in The Alberta Library's (TAL) Ask A Question (AAQ) e-mail information service for the more than 10 years, Medicine Hat College Library Services will be venturing out and launching its own in-house e-mail information service.

With our new submission form, we have streamlined the process to submit a question and users will also be able to submit a formatted e-mail message to us.

Despite the change in service delivery, patrons can still expect the same level of quality in the answers that they will receive. The Library Services Information Desk team will also be able to reply with formatted e-mails and provide attachments if necessary, both of which are helpful for APA and MLA citation questions.

Patrons can locate the e-mail submission form by selecting the "ASK A QUESTION" link on the homepage or by selecting "E-mail Information Services" via the left-hand navigation menu on any Library Services page.

If you submit a question, please "white-list" the e-mail address: Replies from the service will be delivered via this address and whatever e-mail service you employ might flag our reply as spam.

Patrons that want to use TAL's AAQ service can still do so, but Library Services' staff will not be replying.

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