Monday, January 10, 2011

A Colour Copier That Does More . . .

The Vera Bracken Library has added a colour photocopier to its repertoire of services.

The new copier can do more than print in colour though; it adds the following new features as well:
  • Duplex (double-sided) printing. This feature will help conserve paper which is good for the environment and backpacks.
  • A document feed tray. This is a great feature for duplicating large articles from the Reserve Collection that students might want to retain for studying purposes.
  • USB printing of PDFs. Patrons of the library can print files that are in the PDF format from their flash drives to the photocopiers via the copier's onscreen interface.
The copier can duplicate/print to legal and letter sized paper. Costs for duplicating are as follows:
  • black & white:
    • $.10 (single-sided)
    • $.20 (double-sided)

  • colour
    • $.50 (single-sided)
    • $1 (double-sided)
Assistance with the new machine can be provided by the Circulation Desk staff.

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