Thursday, October 07, 2010

Kobo & SD Cards Go Great Together

Have you wanted to read your own articles or books on one of our Kobo eReaders? Well, you can.

If you load your ePub or PDF formatted documents on an SD card (4GB maximum, not SDHC compatible), you can read your own selections on either of two Kobo eReaders that are available from the Vera Bracken Library's circulation desk. This includes PDF formatted articles that can be downloaded from the databases or any of our handy how-to guides.

  1. Provide your own or borrow an SD card from the library.

  2. Load the ePub or PDF file to the card. (We also provide card readers.)

  3. Plug the card into the Kobo eReader.

  4. Read your files.

There are too many public domain books for us to load onto the Kobo devices. Fortunately for fans of the classics, you can go to sites like epubBooks, ManyBooks, Project Gutenburg (and many more) and download titles for free.

You can also perform a Google search using [book title] format:epub OR pdf to search for specific titles in ePub or PDF formats (e.g., moby dick format:epub).

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