Saturday, May 01, 2010

Library User of the Month - May 2010

Dr. Terry Cooper
Vice-President, Academic

“The Vera Bracken Library has always played an integral but active role in our campus educational processes. The physical design, the extensive print and media collections but most of all the knowledgeable and accommodating staff have made the Vera Bracken Library the heart of the institution. Keith and his staff continue to be at the forefront of meeting the changing expectations of its users. My wife Carol and I have used it extensively over the years particularly to help plan our many cultural trips abroad – the resources and information services provided by the library are incredible. What is probably less known by many users is that it has an extensive CD collection which I have often used to help populate my iPod and laptop. Thanks to the Vera Bracken Library, I now have a variety of music to suit my many moods while working or traveling.”

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