Monday, February 01, 2010

Library User of the Month - February 2010

Sharon Allan, Coordinator
UT Education and University of Alberta Education

Pictured (l-r): Standing: Jeremy Molzan (2nd year UT Education), Jen Karpiuk (4th year U of A Education), Greg Elgie (4th year U of A Education), Michelle Alberts (1st year UT Education), Rachel Lesko (4th year U of A Education); Seated: Sharon Allan, Coordinator

By learning you will teach; by teaching you will learn.
~ Latin proverb

“It is an honour to share the Vera Bracken Library User of the Month Award with Education students from our Medicine Hat College University Transfer program and our University of Alberta Collaborative Bachelor of Education program. As teachers we are called to lifelong learning and the resources offered within our library have enhanced both my work as a teacher and my curiosity as a learner.

In addition to our library’s main collection Education students and faculty find valuable support and guidance within our growing curriculum collection. Reflecting the Alberta Program of Studies, this collection includes teaching resources selected and placed together to assist Education students as they plan for and work with children in classrooms. When a student teacher needs help with lesson planning, classroom management techniques, manipulatives to teach mathematical concepts, or a big book to share with primary children during story time, the curriculum collection offers resources to support our developing professional practice.

The Vera Bracken Library enriches the learning of Education students and enhances the work of faculty as together we explore engaging and effective methods of teaching children and young adults in classrooms throughout our community.”

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