Sunday, November 01, 2009

Movember!—Support Prostate Cancer Research by Supporting Library Staff

The month of Movember is upon us.

Yes, that is right, we said Movember instead of November. Why, you might ask? Well, November is the month in which men all around the world are being asked to participate in the growing of moustaches to help raise awareness and monies in support of prostate cancer research.

So doing the math: November + moustache = Movember!

To that end, Keith Walker and Jason MacDonald are two library staffers (part of a larger team of moustache growers made up of friends and family) who will be growing moustaches for the month. In Keith’s case, he has to start the month freshly shaven, so he has graciously agreed to shave his current moustache off to begin the month and re-grow it. In Jason’s case, he simply has to shave before Movember 1st and let the moustache do the rest!

So if you notice something different about Keith or Jason come next week, it is probably their moustaches, or lack thereof for now.

Did we mention that they are part of a larger group effort. Their team name is The Tom Sellecks, in homage to that great moustache from the 80s television show—Magnum P.I. We’re also still looking for others to join in with us, so guys, really give it some thought.

Ladies, talk to the man or men (parent, siblings, significant others) in your lives. Yes, that is right Movember does not discriminate. Women are encouraged to participate as well by supporting their Mo growing men!

So we are hoping we can count on you all for support whether it be moral support for our moustaches or financial support in the form of donations to prostate cancer research in Canada.

If you would like to donate please see either Keith or Jason in person or you can donate online at:

If you know of someone willing to participate and wants to register, simply give them the URL to join their Movember team at:

Thanks in advance everyone.

Let the moustaches begin!

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