Monday, September 14, 2009

Printing Issues

As many of our patrons have encountered, we are still having printing issues in the Vera Bracken Library. Some of things that users have encountered include:
  • no printing from the classroom
  • periodic (or no) printing from Drop-in and Reference stations
  • insufficient administration privileges to print
  • printer cannot be found
  • prints a page or two of a multiple page file and stops
  • prints several successful documents, then print services stop while under the same user profile
  • will print the document single sided, but not duplex it
  • Java update window (not printing related)
  • etc.
These are all known issues and the Information Technology Services (ITS) department is continuing to investigate the issue. If you are encountering problems, please see the Information Desk in the library and we will investigate. Failing a resolution to the issue, we will print the document for you from our computer.

Thank you for your patience as ITS works towards a solution.

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