Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Online Services Disruption Tonight

There will be a disruption of the college's online services this evening. The disruption will start around 10:00 p.m. and will ideally end around midnight MST.

The services that will experience disruptions this evening include:
  • all MHC Web sites
  • access to the Internet from within MHC
  • faculty, staff, and student MHC e-mail systems
  • mymhc.ca (portal)
  • Blackboard (learning management system)
The disruption is a result of upgrades that are being made to our Internet infrastructure. The upgrades should result in the lifting of the current restrictions on streaming media services such as YouTube, etc.

We apologize for any inconvenience.

Monday, September 28, 2009

Double-side, Staple, & Hole Punch—Cool New Printer Features

The new Xerox printer in the Vera Bracken Library has some excellent new features to help you compile/print documents more efficiently. The printer has the ability to print double-sided (duplex), staple, and hole punch print jobs. You can select one or more of these options for any print job that you perform in the library.

How do you do this? Follow these simple steps once you have selected the option to print your file:

1) Select Properties . . . in the Printer dialogue window.

2) Select the desired options (i.e., double-sided, stapled, or hole punched) from the drop-boxes on the right-hand side of the \\alchemy\library_5030 Properties dialogue window. [To see the options more clearly, click the image below.]

3) Select the OK button once your print options are selected in each of the two proceeding dialogue windows.

4) You will be prompted to confirm the print job one final time. Here you can select Print or Cancel.

5) Collect your printing if you selected Print, or return to your file if you selected Cancel.

NOTE: Even when you print double-sided, your print account will be deducted $.20—it is still $.10/side.

If you encounter any problems with printing, please see the Information Desk.

Saturday, September 26, 2009

New Materials Lists Updated - July-August 2009

Library Services has posted its new materials lists for the months of July and August 2009. The lists can be found at: http://www.mhc.ab.ca/library/New Materials/.

Monday, September 21, 2009

APA Style Guide, 6th ed. - Corrections

A couple more minor revisions have been made to the APA Style Guide.


This time a correction has been made to the "Full Text Article with Digital Object Identifier (DOI)" example. This is example three on page six of the guide.

The authors in the reference page column originally read as:
  • Yu, H., Zhou, Y.-J., Li, G.-X., Zhang, G.-H., Liu, H.-L., Yan, . . . & Tong, G.-Z. (2009).
It now correctly reads as:
  • Yu, H., Zhou, Y.-J., Li, G.-X., Zhang, G.-H., Liu, H.-L., Yan, L.-P., . . . Tong, G.-Z. (2009).
The sixth authors initials were not originally included and the ampersand (&) was not required.

To recap the display of authors names in the reference list (based on previous example):

  • Yu, H. (2009).
  • Yu, H., Zhou, Y.-J., Li, G.-X., Zhang, G.-H., Liu, H.-L., Yan, L.-P., & Liao, M. (2009).
  • All authors will be listed in the citation, and the ampersand (&) will be placed between the second last and last authors' names.
  • Yu, H., Zhou, Y.-J., Li, G.-X., Zhang, G.-H., Liu, H.-L., Yan, L.-P., . . . Tong, G.-Z. (2009).
  • If you have eight or more authors: list the first six authors, use an ellipsis (. . .), and then list the last author.
How will these look in-text ? [Paraphrase example.]

  • . . . (Yu, 2009). OR Yu's (2009) study found . . . .
  • You will use this form every time you reference this work.
  • . . . (Yu & Zhou, 2009). OR Yu and Zhou's (2009) study found that . . . .
  • You will use this form every time you reference this work.
  • FIRST USE: . . . (Yu, Zhou, & Li, 2009). OR Yu, Zhou, and Li's (2009) study found . . . .
  • SUBSEQUENT REFERENCES: . . . (Yu et al., 2009). OR Yu et al. (2009) found that . . . .
  • If you have 3-5 authors list them all for the first reference, and use et al. after the first author's name in subsequent parenthetical references.
  • . . . (Yu et al., 2009). OR Yu et al. (2009) found that . . . .
  • In this case, you will use the et al. after the first author's surname for each and every case.
For more information on how to provide author (or editor-in-place-of-author) information in the reference list, see section 6.27 (p. 184) of the 6th edition of the Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association; for parenthetical referencing, see Table 6.1 (p. 177) of the aforementioned work.


Example 2 on page 7 was also corrected. In the "Episode from a Television Series" example, the episode title was incorrectly displayed as: Plato's Stepchildren; it has been amended to the correct: Plato's stepchildren. The program name was also incorrectly displayed as: Star Trek, it too was corrected and now displays: Star trek.

The revised guide has been posted and will carry the designation August 2009 [Rev. B].

For additional modifications made to the style guide, select the "Revisions" tag in the Labels section below.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Alberta Art Days—September 18–20

The Vera Bracken Library (Medicine Hat Campus) will proudly be participating in Alberta Art Days from September 18th–20th. Alberta Art Days is a three day cultural event that highlights the vibrant creative energies of our grand province.

The library has always been a haven for a wide variety of art, but this special event allows us to showcase our collection like never before. All members of the community are invited to the library for a self-guided tour of the works.

A special display will also be created to showcase books and audiovisual materials focusing on the arts in Alberta.

For more information about various events that are being hosted in and around the city of Medicine Hat, click here; for events in Brooks, click here.

Monday, September 14, 2009

Printing Issues

As many of our patrons have encountered, we are still having printing issues in the Vera Bracken Library. Some of things that users have encountered include:
  • no printing from the classroom
  • periodic (or no) printing from Drop-in and Reference stations
  • insufficient administration privileges to print
  • printer cannot be found
  • prints a page or two of a multiple page file and stops
  • prints several successful documents, then print services stop while under the same user profile
  • will print the document single sided, but not duplex it
  • Java update window (not printing related)
  • etc.
These are all known issues and the Information Technology Services (ITS) department is continuing to investigate the issue. If you are encountering problems, please see the Information Desk in the library and we will investigate. Failing a resolution to the issue, we will print the document for you from our computer.

Thank you for your patience as ITS works towards a solution.

Friday, September 11, 2009

APA Style Guide, 6th ed. - Minor Revisions

A couple of minor clarifications/corrections were made to the library's APA Style Guide. The alterations are both on page 7 of the guide and explanations are as follows:

  • The producer was originally listed as, "Fred Freiberger." It now displays the correct method which is: "F. Freiberger."
  • Explanation: The given/first name of the producer is not required; the abbreviation is sufficient.
  • The original reference was problematic because the document in question could be classified as either a report (i.e., gray literature) or as a regular annual release (i.e., periodical). Depending on your interpretation, the title could either appear as: Canada Health Act annual report 2007–2008 (book/report format) or as: Canada Health Act Annual Report 2007–2008 (periodical format). To simplify the example, a different government publication/report from the same department was selected.
The guide will continue to carry the revised date of August 2009, but [Rev. A] has been added to the date for distinction purposes. You can download either version using the following links:
For more guides related to APA, click here.

If you have any comments, concerns, or questions, please direct them to the Information Desk in the Vera Bracken Library (e-mail: reference@mhc.ab.ca).

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Java Update - Do not panic!

Some of our patrons have encountered a pop-up dialogue window that appears as follows:

If you encounter this message, disregard it and click Cancel. Please do not abandon the station that you have logged on to, your personal information and print account might be vulnerable to others if you do.

Java is trying to update itself and this cannot be done with a standard student computer account. Information Technology Services (ITS) is aware of this issue and is seeking a means of making the update less obtrusive.

Tuesday, September 08, 2009

"Text Us" Service Launched

It is a mobile world and Library Services has created a new service to meet the demands of the mobile student community. Today we launched Text Us, a mobile library information service that will deliver answers to our patrons in 160 characters or less.
 You can ask us questions like:
  • When do you close?
  • Do you have [title] in?
  • Can you put [title] aside until I get there?
  • How do I renew an item?
  • Who is the Prime Minister of Denmark?
It is all fair game. If we cannot answer your query through Text  Us, we will refer you to one of our other service options which include Ask A Question, Library Online Agents (IM Services), by phone,  or in person.

You can text the Vera Bracken Library Information Desk Staff at: 403-866-5872.

For more information, click here.

Thursday, September 03, 2009

Library User of the Month - September 2009

Library Services is pleased to announce that Dr. Dinesh Mategaonkar is our Library User of the Month for September 2009.

You can read a statement by him by clicking here.

"Tell Me More" - Language Learning Resource Added

Library Services has added Tell Me More to its list of resources available to the students of Medicine Hat College. This resource will introduce and progressively develop a user's language skills in: Dutch, English, French, German, Italian, Spanish (European), and Spanish (South American).

Tell Me More will guide you through the language learning process with:
  • Easy-to-comprehend content created by expert instructional designers
  • Specialized oral communication content
  • Supplemental Business and Culture specific content
  • Reading, Writing, Speaking, and Listening Workshops
  • 37 different types of learning activities/interactions
  • Speech Recognition with playback and achievement scale
  • Spoken Error Tracking System (SETS®) technology automatically detects and corrects your pronunciation errors
  • Professional voice-overs, videos, 3-D animations, and real-world graphics
  • Anytime, anywhere accessibility
For more details and to access this resource, click here.

For a full list of all of our database resources—which includes access to journal, magazine, and newspaper abstracts and articles, as well as education streaming media—click here, or select the Journal, Magazine, and Newspaper Articles link from the library's homepage.

Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Back to Class Prize Draw Winner

Congratulations to Leonard Anstey. He is the winner of Library Services' back to class prize draw, which includes a backpacked filled with everything that a student needs to get started for the new college year.

Thanks to everyone that entered and look for more draws from the library in the future. Welcome back for another year at Medicine Hat College!

Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Canada, Copyright, and You

As many of you are probably aware by now, the Government of Canada is currently engaged in a process of consultation to more fully modernize the country’s existing copyright legislation. To that end, the Government of Canada is travelling across the country holding round table and town hall style meetings, as well as accepting submissions from citizens, groups, and organizations. This process is continuing until the 13th of September 2009.

The Government of Canada has established a website by which interested persons can follow as well as and more importantly, participate in the process (http://copyright.econsultation.ca). I would strongly encourage everyone (faculty, staff and students alike) to involve themselves in this process. It is the time when all our voices matter and it’s extremely important we all have our say. There are a great number of resources and primers on this discussion as to how best to get involved and make our voices heard about issues that matter to us, not only from a point of view of the educational field as it affects us, but as individual citizens in our day to day lives as well.

If you’re unsure where to begin in gaining or furthering your knowledge on the subject, there are a number of resources I recommend.

The first is an open letter from the President of Athabasca University that was sent to all students at that institution. In it he discusses the possibility of reintroduction of C-61-like legislation (the last attempt at copyright reform that died on the order paper with the general election call) and its negative impact on education. The text can be found here: http://suzviews.wordpress.com/2009/08/22/canadian-copyright-law/

The second valuable resource I recommend if you’re interested in making a submission to the consultation process, but don’t know exactly where to begin is to visit the Vancouver Fair Copyright Coalition website (http://faircopy.ca/) and read their consultation guide, available here: http://faircopy.ca/wp-content/uploads/2009/08/fc-consultation-guide.pdf

The third is the blog of Michael Geist (law professor at the University of Ottawa where he holds the Canada Research Chair in Internet and E-commerce Law). He has followed the consultation process and continues to do so, summarizing and commenting up the submissions quite succinctly. His blog can be found here: http://www.michaelgeist.ca/

Again, I strongly encourage as many people as possible to actively participate and become involved in the consultation process. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact me.

Jason MacDonald
Copyright Information Officer
ext. 3835