Friday, May 01, 2009

College Wireless Internet: Bigger & Stronger!

The college's wireless (Wi-Fi) Internet access has changed for the better! The older library network name is now defunct. Anyone wanting to connect to the Wi-Fi network can now do so by connecting to the network named: MHC-Public.

In addition to the network name change, the Wi-Fi access points have been expanded and strengthened. Wi-Fi access has been strengthened in the Vera Bracken Library with more access points, and the Cafeteria/Internet Café and Centennial Hall now have Wi-Fi access as well.

Access to Wi-Fi will remain barrier free (with no cost or user name/password sets required) to the public, staff and students. Access to network printers and storage drives will remain inaccessible though.

To read more about Wi-Fi access at the Medicine Hat Campus, go to:

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