Friday, July 27, 2007

Employment Opportunities

Medicine Hat College Library Services has a number of positions available. These job postings are for either the Brooks or Medicine Hat campuses.

Click on the job title to view the complete profile and requirements of each position:
For directions on how to apply, click here.

August Hours

The Vera Bracken Library will be closed on Monday the 6th for the annual Civic Holiday, and on Wednesday the 22nd for College Day.

The Brooks Campus Library will also be closed on Monday the 6th for the Civic Holiday.

For more information about the libraries' hours of operation, click here.

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Friday, July 06, 2007

Services Disruption *UPDATED*

UPDATE #4 - 19 July 2007

Our online services have returned to normal operation. All online functions are now available - this includes the online catalogue, interlibrary loan, and database access from home.

Many Web-based services will still be unavailable or have intermittent access over the upcoming weekend. You can expect the services disruption to begin as early as 4:30 p.m. on Friday, July 20th.

We anticipate that all services to be available Monday, July 23rd.

UPDATE #3 - 18 July 2007

We are now in the 5th day of having most of our online services being off-line, and still no known end in sight.

To compound this, a clerical error led to us being notified that the previous weekend was scheduled for a campus-wide power outage. This was not the case. The annual power outage will occur this weekend - 20-22 July 2007.

You can expect all electronic services to be inaccessible over the course of the upcoming weekend. In addition to Library Services being unavailable,
other college services that are expected to be disrupted include: BlackBerry, Blackboard, the college website, e-mail, ListServ, and Campus Connect services.

All services are anticipated to return to normal on Monday, July 23rd.

Again, we are sorry for any inconveniences and thank you for you patience and understanding.

UPDATE #2 - 17 July 2007

Unfortunately many of our online services continue to be down. University of Lethbridge technicians continue to work on resolving the issues. They hope that all services will be operational sometime in the next day or two. At present, no formal time for resumption of normal operations has been given.

UPDATE #1 - 16 July 2007

Due to unforeseen hardware and software issues many of our online services (interlibrary loan (ILL), online catalogue, home access to databases, etc.) have remained off-line. Our partners at the University of Lethbridge continue to work on solutions to resolving these issues. All parties hope for a final resolution by Tuesday, July 17th - though no specific time has been set.

Access to online databases is still available, but only on campus. Related services, such as Find It and ILL, remain off-line - even on campus.

No other college service is affected. Blackboard, Campus Connect, Student Webmail, etc. are all available as normal.

We appreciate your patience in this matter.


During the weekend of July 14th and 15th, Library Services will experience a disruption of online services. This will affect all aspects of online services - including access to the databases, interlibrary loan services, and online catalogue. Some services could be down as early as 4:30 p.m. on Friday, July 13th. Services could be up sooner than the 15th, but expect to encounter intermittent disruptions throughout the weekend.

Other college services that are expected to be disrupted include: BlackBerry, Blackboard, college website, e-mail, ListServ, Campus Connect services.

The disruption of services is the result of the college's annual maintenance and upgrading of electrical services.

We apologize for the inconvenience that this might cause for some patrons.